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Southern Alberta

Bow River

The Bow simply has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. The Blue Ribbon stretch of the Bow runs from Calgary, downstream through a cottonwood valley full of islands and side channels that just team with fish. Numbers on this stretch of the river vary from 1500-2500 trout per mile. Fish from 16 to 22 inches are normal with some approaching 30 inches. Dry fly fishing can be dynamite at times but for the most part this is a subsurface river.

Alberta’s east slope mountain rivers

The Oldman, Crow, Castle and Highwood rivers all flow East out of the Rocky Mountains and spill out onto the prairies of Alberta. Cutthroats, Rainbows, Bulls and Browns can all be found here, and sometimes they may even be in the same pool. The mountain scenery is what brings people to these pristine waters. Fish in the 15 to 20inch range are just a nice bonus. Cutthroats and Rainbows are more than willing to take dry flies while stripping large streamers could land you a bull trout up to thirty inches. These clear mountain rivers on the steps of the Rocky Mountains are great place to hone your craft!

Southern Alberta Walleye and Pike

Extensive management and a renewed attitude towards catch and release has caused a jump in trophy fish throughout the lakes and reservoirs of Southern Alberta. Northern Pike upwards of 20 pounds are being caught throughout the province with Gators topping 30 pounds coming out of some of our water systems. Pike are not the only game species benefiting; Walleye in Alberta have made a strong push as well. 2 to 5 Pound Walleye are abundant with many more showing up in the 8-10 pound range. Recently there have even been a small number of monsters caught in the 10-15 pound range. Pike are pursued with heavy gear and large baits; these fish feed heavily and aggressively in the spring and fall. Walleye are targeted using traditional methods such as trolling, bottom bouncing, jigging and casting. As an added bit of excitement and a test to ones skills, Pike can be tempted with large flies and streamers. Lake Newell, Clear Lake, Travers Reservoir, Badger Lake, Keho Lake, Crawling Valley Reservoir and Chin Reservoir are just some of the areas we fish for Pike and Walleye.

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