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Along the British Columbia coast, Chinooks are available year-round with the peak runs of Coho and Springs both arriving June through September. Bluebacks start to appear as early as May with the action heating up by mid July. Mature Coho are best from July through September, while large Northerns are available to anglers from September through October. Pink and Sockeye are found from mid-August to mid-September. Chum salmon are best from mid-September to mid-October.

Trolling is the preferred way to target Chinook and Coho. The main advantage is the increased speed in which you troll. We use all varieties of gear such as Flasher & Hootchy, Teaser Heads for Anchovies and Herring Spoons and Plugs. This gear is trolled off our Scotty downriggers at depths from 20 to 200ft. We use the 10’6’’ Moocher Rod and Reel combos for trolling.

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