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Columbia River

The Upper Columbia River running north from the Washington border to the Keeleyside Dam north of Castlegar is one of the largest tailwater fisheries in North America. It is also one of the finest summer fisheries around for Big Rainbows and Walleye. Average trout size can reach nearly 20 inches with a few fish in the 10 lb range and beyond.

You will target Big Rainbows and Walleye from a 20 foot Harbercraft boasting a 115hp motor. This boat has the added advantage of being able to navigate the large waters to out of the way locations avoiding local pressure.

The Upper Columbia River is a year round fishery, but the prime months to fish for the very large Rainbows are May, June, July, August and late in the season, October. In the spring the hatches of Stoneflies, Mayflies and Midges are abundant. The Caddis hatch in mid-summer months is what makes the Columbia River world famous for dry fly fishing. This insect hatch has to be seen believe! It starts in mid June and runs into August with million of Caddis hatching then returning in the evening to lay their eggs. In October the water cools from the summer heat and the large Rainbows feed in the riffles and big runs with reckless abandon!

The Upper Columbia is truly an exceptional fishery. If you are up for the challenge of Big River Rainbows and Walleye on one of Canada’s largest and most productive rivers, then this is the trip for you.

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